Supertalent Fashion Week

In 2017, Miss Supertalent organization had launched a series of spin-off shows ‘SUPERTALENT Fashion Week’ which showed the clips of Miss Supertalent Contestants from all over the world.

The event is three days long per season and held twice a year at the Korea International Exhibition Center and Daegu Textile Complex.

In 2018, SUPERTALENT Fashion Week season 3 is in Myeongdong, shopping and tourism center of Asia. A 180 long red carpet fashion catwalk applied Guinness World, a kind of 1st explore.

SUPERTALENT Fashion Week in Incheon International Airport, the 1st time an international fashion show is hosted in this airport.

Thereby earning the recognition as one of the unique and most important international fashion weeks. It will be opening its doors to interested countries to host the event.

SUPERTALENT Fashion Week season 4 is headed to Paris to be hosted in the Eiffel Tower and other top sites.