Miss Supertalent

Season 11

This 11th season of Miss SuperTalent World 2018 was held at the city of lights, Paris! The fashion & beauty Mecca of the World & home of history, art and Love.

The event was held from November 1-11, 2018 and were participated by gorgeous and talented ladies from the four corners of the world, fighting for the next Miss SuperTalent World 2018.

WINNER: Ekaterina from Netherlands

2nd Place: Nika from Slovenia

3rd Place: Veronika from Estonia

4th Place: Acacia from New Zealand

Runner-up: Barbara from Venezuela

Runner-up: Siddhi from India

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Miss Supertalent

Season 10

As a celebration of our 10th Anniversary, Miss SuperTalent World 2018 : Season 10, was held at Songdo International City, South Korea’s Smartest City.

The well-renowned competition was held from April 29 – May 11, 2018 and participated by 26 countries from all over the world. Showcasing their talent, wit and beauty in the most talented competition ever.

Winner: Alexia from Spain
2nd Place: Simone from Cape Verde
3rd Place: Ruigi from Hong Kong
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Miss Supertalent

Season 9

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